Tuesday, February 21, 2012

this little boy knows more than what he is letting onto.....

It is truly amazing what a some English speaking interaction can do for one little Chinese boy ~ who is waiting for his Forever Family....

Our little bugger here knows a lot more English than he is letting onto....

He knows the words...


"Come Here"




"Daddy" (not Baba)






(I could go on forever here but you get the idea...)

He also knew the answer to this question when asked this morning as he was laying awake in his crib...

"Do you want to come into bed with Mama?"  Without any hesitation, he shook his head "Yes" and reached out his arms to me to be picked up.  He has also started to answer when called by his newly given name "Alex"! 

Yes my friends ~ this little boy knows a lot more English that he let onto in the beginning.

{here are a few photos that were taken last night while Annabelle & Benjamin were settling down for bed...I did not edit them so as you will see, Annabelle had another bloody nose ~ seeing how the air is so dry over here & Alex's face is not cleaned off from enjoying some pizza!}

{And in the next few photos it will probably look like our Miss Annabelle is not too happy to have Alexander right in her face  - but - she is actually puckering up her lips so he comes over to give her kisses}

As I mention in my last post, we are headed to Jiaozou today to get some paper work notarized and to see Jiaozou City Orphanage where Alex and Annabelle lived the first few months of their life.  Annabelle is very excited!  For we have told her {a zillion times over} the story about the last time we traveled to her orphanage.  It was one very special little boy they called "David" that captured my heart and lead me down the road to wanting a little boy.....


Rina, John & Annalisa said...

They look so adorable together

Football and Fried Rice said...

He is so SMART and darling!! Can you already not imagine your lives without him?????? I cant believe he knows so much and is already adjusting SO WELL!! Im sure having Annabelle there helps! Im so glad you fell in love with Alex!!!!!