Tuesday, January 24, 2012


That's right ~ late last night we received our Travel Approval! 

We will not have confirmed travel dates until the US Consulate reopens on January 30th (from being closed because of Chinese New Year) but it is looking like we could be leaving as soon as February 15th!  Only time will tell...

I am once again packing ~ shopping ~ and cooking in order to prepare for our almost three weeks stay in China! 

I still can't believe it ~ WE ARE GOING TO CHINA TO BRING HOME OUR SWEET ALEXANDER!  After a year of working on this miracle to happen ~ it finally is!!!!!

While I do at times find that this chapter in our book of life in coming to an end (adoption/children), I am so looking forward to living our life as a family of six!!!!!


Courtney said...

That is so exciting. Congratulations. You are one step closer to your little guy.

Shonni said...

I am so happy for your. Your little one is ADORABLE.

Rina, John & Annalisa said...

Best wishes for a smooth travel